June Newsletter

June 5, 2020

Howdy Black Powder Friends and Family,


Here’s to finding you all safe and healthy in such trying times as what we are seeing today.  All I will say is that America weeps, and Santa has said he’s not coming this year!


We had a monthly shoot last weekend of May. We had a darn good turn out too. It was so good to see those that came out and enjoyed the day. We held the meeting outside and the weather held out. Not potluck but we will see what happens the end of this month. Speaking of which, Bill Velacich and Trish Draze is hosting the June shoot. And if by chance there is a burn ban on, we; Bill and I will be having it here at our place.


Welcome new member Jamie Mc Kenzie & returning member Harry Dawson & Jeff Moore


A shout out to members who showed up and helped with the club grounds. The grass was as tall as I am, to say it needed to be mowed was a understatement.

Another work party for the club grounds has been set for June 13th. There are changes that continue to be done to the range. We look forward to the continued support from our members to keep the club grounds taken care of.  Some work that needs to be done is building a new wall and moving the tally board in the club house, repainting our signs. We will be including primitive archery scores this year at our rendezvous. This mean no shelves, and no nocking points. There is some great info on the web, or https://www.primitivearcher.com/


Unfortunately, the Sedro Woolley 4th of July Parade and Rodeo is still cancelled according to their website. SML has had a float in the parade since the late 1970s. Hopefully the Rodeo and Parade will happen; we just don’t know. We will continue to watch for further developments and word from local governments, and keep you posted. In the past w have put together a float in a few days and had a hoot doing it!



Status of Whidbey Rondy:

Interlake and Whidbey are combining their Rondys. Greg Roberts is waiting to hear from his insurance, so that is still in the works.


Skagit Muzzle Loaders LOGO.  Although there was vote that was counted April 20th, 2020. However, it was brought up that the original logo was not included in the vote, some members felt their choice wasn’t clear.  For a fair vote the original design needed to be included and it wasn’t. Also, discussion regarding club colors followed. Some members feel that the original selection of colors being silver and black identified our group. This wasn’t considered nor was it talked about. Motion to revisit next month made and accepted.


Ordering of Hats and Tees with club logo. Items will be available to self-order online from T-Shirts by Design.  However, motion made to table until above can be revisited. Motion accepted.


Donation was made to the club by Shaky Ron in the amount $150. A huge Thank you… Shaky! We loved ya before and we still love ya!!!


2020 Elk Hunt will be right after the rondy in October. It is a “Spike Only”, and there will be camping.

Bill is wanting to maybe head over to Eastern Washington sometime in August of Sept to check out the area. Best way to reach Bill for additional info: cich@protonmail.com


Clarification on Archery rules for SML Rondy this Oct. is “primitive” this means no shelves, no nocking points.  Contact Tami Maricle for questions. 360) 592-5293


Greens Gun Shop opens June 4, 2020


Bill Velacich & Trish Draze will be putting on the June Shoot.


This concludes our clubs May meeting minutes and Newsletter…. Just a reminder; all mistakes, blunders and omissions although not the fault of this here little  lady, all lays with Bill Velacich 😊


Ahhhh, and I almost forgot…

Winner of Mays Aggregate shoot….

Andy Ward taking first and the lovely Trish Draze taking 2nd.  Congrats to you both. Course with Trishs background, it hardly seems fair…. Uuummmmm, yeah, about that; we love ya Trish!!!! Congrats


President; Joe George

VP; Ken Draze

Secretary; Debbie Velacich

Treasurer; Crista Troxclair

Booshway Bill Velacich

PO Box 428

Sedro Wooley, WA


Club Site: 6806 F&S Grade Road

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