June Minutes

June 28th, 2020

All Officers Present

President; Joe George

Vice President Ken Draze

Treasurer: Crista Troxclair

Secretary; Debbie Velacich

Booshway: Bill Velacich


12:04 PM

Reading of June minutes, motion to accept.  Accepted

Treasure report given. $3887.71 No Expense given. Motion to accept. Accepted

New members Nick Handly & Rob Mc Gaughey welcomed. Nick not present, but everyone says hello.

Has anyone heard from David Spicer; Debbie will call.

Pres. Joe George thanks everyone who showed up to work on the club house and range. Fine job everyone.

Whidbey Island Rondy has announced the cancelation of their rondy, this is due to Covid, and/or insurance limitations, both being a problem.

Greene’s Gun Shop and range is open. Practicing social distancing, masks etc. is encouraged.

Our Rendezvous in October.  The club is still planning on holding the rondy in October.  Because all Rendezvous so far this year have been cancelled, if ours is held as planned, it may be bigger than in the past. Therefore, more camping sites, parking, etc. may be needed. For day parking, Uncle Bob said the owner of property across from the range has offered his place for day parking. More to follow on this. Bill V wants to clear more areas for camping and continue work on club house and targets.

Questions regarding our insurance and the Rondy amid Covid concerns, Calls have been put into the Insurance Company.

Club Logo & Colors

Our Clubs Logo and colors have been on the table for months. We have tried voting by mail, some feel all designs were not fully represented. Joe George called a vote and motion to accept the design submitted by Ken Draze was put to the group assembled. Motion to accept. Accepted.

Club Colors. It was brought up that the clubs colors have been silver and black. Association being visual. A motion was put before the group that one can choose their own colors; motion was accepted.

See the end of minutes for a word from Ken Draze regarding SML merchandise

Progressive Shoot, Motion to do away with the progressive shoot; Motion accepted

Motion made that person that puts the shoot on get s to pick their own range master. Motion accepted.

4th Of July Freedom Rally in Sedro Woolley has been cancelled.

PackRat; Thanks everyone for helping with the work on Greene’s range. Also announces the building that has housed the Monroe Mountain man show is now being used as a quarantine headquarters for Covid 19.

Skagit Muzzle Loaders Elk Hunt- Bill Velacich

Like everything else this year, the SML Elk Hunt particulars are up in the air. Currently Yakima is having a surge in Covid cases so we may pick a unit with access from other than Yakima. At this point rather than try to hit the moving Covid target, let’s just say we will have an Elk Hunt and exactly where will be decided later.


Also, Rusty has brought news of cow hides and a sheep hide from a locale farmer who wants to know if anyone wants those hides. Contact Rusty.

Note; because we do not post members information freely, anyone wanting further info on any material not already stated in the minutes,  contact Debbie Velacich at skagitmuzzleloader@gmail.com or call 360 389-1351   and I will make sure to put you in touch with the contact person.

Rob McGaughey was the winner of the Aggregate shoot.

Bill Velacich & Steven Sutton will be hosting the July shoot.


Regarding SML merchandise:  From Ken Draze

The online store is up and running.  If you click the link below, it will take you to the web site where you will see the clothing/hats that are available.  I talked with Corrine yesterday and she will be adding more color options.  There will also be a new hat added as well.  The hat will have the logo embroidered in the center of the hat.  This hat does not have a front seam so it can be easily done.  The display hat that she has is an old school rear snap style.  She is checking to see if it is also available in a flex back.


Some of the images  may look a little funny but that is because they had to cut and paste our logo onto the item.  The finished product will not look funny.  We talked about the color of the logo lettering as on the green shirt that I had made, the black lettering was too dark to really see.  She said that what they can do is replace the black with white if people want to order darker colors.

The sweatshirts, hats and coats all have embroidered logos.  It is possible to get the screen printing done (front and back) on the midweight hoody.  You can also have the logo embroidered on the back of your item if you would like  .      We are also in the process of listing a less expensive hoody and non-hoody sweatshirt so check back if you don't see them.


Once you have arrived at the site, create an account using your email and then you will be able to purchase items directly.  If you have problems doing so, contact Corrine at T Shirts by Design in Anacortes.  The phone number is listed.


If you would prefer to place your order thru me, I would be happy to do so and will bring the items to the July meeting.  I would need to know size, color(s) and quantity.  Contact me directly at   kdraze@gmail.com or call Ken at 541-212-0707


They would prefer at least 12 items ordered for a screen-printing run.  The embroidered items have no minimums.  I have placed an order for 4 more shirts to get the ball rolling.   Several others have stated that they too are in the process of contacting Corrine.    If we can get an order in by the 13th or so, I can bring everything to the meeting on the 26th.  If you place your order directly, Corrine will let you know when your item(s) are ready and you can arrange delivery/pickup sooner.

Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to give me a shout.  I work in the islands (sketchy cell service) so if I don't answer, leave me a message. Regards Ken Draze


Click this buttorn for the Skagit Muzzle Loaders Store


PO Box 428

Sedro Wooley, WA


Club Site: 6806 F&S Grade Road

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