January Minutes 2020


All Officers Present

New Members 4 

Members Present 35


January Shoot Results

1st Ken Draze, 2nd Shawn Christensen, 3rd Larry Hickman


Meeting called together 12:03

Decembers Minutes read & accepted

Treasury Report read & accepted


Old Business-

Pioneer Craft Show

Raffle Prizes & tickets prices were discussed.

Motion was made to raffle the rifle for 5 dollars a ticket. Other raffle items will go for $1.00 a ticket


Prize donations are as follows:

Deacon - 50 Cal. Rifle

Bill - Camp Table & Chair

Larry - Camp Table

Shaky Ron - New moccasins, powder horn

Ken Draze - Candle Lantern

Deacon - Shooters Box

Stan - 10in. Bowie knife

Dan - Strap for shooting bag

*Things were happening pretty fast here, I wasn’t able to get it all down, so maybe this can be revisited.


New Business


I have asked that all members please use their cell phones to record our shoots and events for our social media. We are also considering using these at the craft show. Please send these photos to myself or to Ken.

This brought up the question of needing power to our table at the craft show. Ken says we can just use a laptop.


Uncle Bob will be supplying the hides to the tabletops at the Craft Show.


May Rendevous

May 15th-17th 2020

Rondy Flyer Poster Boy this year is Shaky Ron.

Work party for range, signs, etc will be done April - early May

Stan has offered his tractor mower for use. Uncle Bob and Bill will be mowing.

Rifle/Pistol trail walk and signs - Bill & Ken

Candle Shoot - Deacon & Rotten Otter

Meat Shoot - Deacon & Rotten Otter

Hawk & Knife Trail - Debbie & ???


A motion was made to include the Archery score into the aggregate score. Motion was passed.


It was also brought up and decided that Naming should be done on Saturday of the Rondy.


Rondy Positions

Segundo - Stan

Dog Soldiers - Deacon, Shaky Ron, Uncle Bob, Dan

Scoring - Joe & Ken

Shooter Packets & Registration - Group

First Aid Station - Shar & Debbie

Stew Pot - Deacon

Candy Cannon - Uncle Bob

Fry Pan Toss -

Kids Games -

Pee Wees Shoots – Joe, Larry, and Lois.  Andy will be donating the use of his AJ Henry

Photos - Everyone

Clean up - Everyone


A motion was made to spend $1000 on prizes for the Rondy. Motion was passed.


A discussion was given on separating the top shooters, and how prizes are to be awarded.


A change has been proposed to Article III; Section 2, Dues and Contributions, of the SML Bylaws, Discussion and club vote will be at our next meeting, February 23, 2020

See proposed change to Article III; Section 2, below.


A motion was made to purchase an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for our First Aid Kit.  Motion was passed. Joe will be purchasing AED. Storage with First Aid Kit will be the Booshway responsibility.


New members are encouraged to shadow members who are putting on the shoots to see how it’s done.


Capt. Mike will be hosting February's shoot


Current By-Law

Section 2. Dues and Contributions

a.       The dues or minimum contributions of each member shall be fixed by the Association voted on by the                    membership

b.      All members’ dues will be due by the first monthly meeting of each year. 

c.       Dues structure shall be: single membership shall be 65% of the cost of a family membership.

d.      Any dependent member that turns 18 during the due’s year will remain a family member until the end of the           year. 

e.      Dues will be pro-rated by the month for new members only.


Proposed change

Section 2:   Membership Dues and Contributions:

a.      The dues, or minimum contributions, of each member shall be fixed by the SML membership committee                 and voted on by the membership.

b.      Annual renewal of Membership Dues will be paid during the month of January prior to, but no later than, the           January Club meeting.

c.      New Members joining SML, after July 1st of a calendar year, will pay their corresponding dues at a 50%                 discount.

d.      Minor children of Family Membership holders that turn 18 will not be subject to Individual  Dues rates                     until the following January.

e.      Dues structure shall be as follows:

            i.    Individual - $20.00

           ii.    Family-$30.00

          iii.    Life Member:    Aged 65+ with at least 5 years current active membership- $15.00

          iv.    Life Member Family - $25.00 (One Family member must be 65+)

PO Box 428

Sedro Wooley, WA


Club Site: 6806 F&S Grade Road

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