February 2020


Greetings To Our Black Powder Friends

From Joe George; our President


I hope everyone has been able to keep their powder dry this past month.  Since its been the third wettest start of any calendar year on record.  The Pioneer Craft Show is in about two weeks.  Skagit Muzzle Loaders will have two tables with fliers for this year’s Rendezvous in May, pictures of last year’s events along with several raffle prizes. 

The shoot this month was a wet one. A challenge for the members with flintlocks trying to keep their pan dry. We had 11 shooters which made for an exciting shoot with some friendly banter going around. With as wet as the paper targets were, I still say a member of ours was pushing his thumb through the paper to increase his score

I remember reading an article which gun makers, to test the lock to ensure it was per-forming properly would turn the flint lock rifles upside down and shoot.  If the rifle went off, the lock was properly tuned.  An idea came about at our shoot this month, if you turn your flintlock upside down and fire it, this should help keep the pan dry. . . right?  There is one problem with this. When you turn the rifle over the pan could be in your face if you don’t hold the rifle low.    We had a member try this; I would highly recommend not doing this. With that, I don’t think I need to finish the story. I will say, they are all right. Oh - By the way, the rifle did shoot. I hear a new rondy name being discussed.

Hope to see you at the Pioneer Craft Show,



Skagit Muzzle Loaders


Club News

February Shoot Results

1st Place- Andy Ward

2nd Place- Bill Velacich

3rd Place- Justin Huey


New members are encouraged to shadow members who are putting on the shoots to see how it’s done.


Vice President Ken Draze has been hard at work. He has put together a killer website for us, as well as Twitter & UTube. Our Facebook account hasn’t been so easy, but we are getting there.

We will have 4 door passes for the Cascade Mountain Man Show, for those working the show. March 7th & 8th, if your helping to set up the booth, the time to get there is 7 to 8 AM.  Raffle Tickets will be on sale; We have some great prizes this year, a 36 Caliber Rifle donated by Deacon, tickets will be $5.00 for the rifle.  V.P Ken Draze made a beautify walnut and glass candle lantern. This item could grace the cover of American Frontiersmen’s magazine. We have a Shooters Box, Strap for a Shooting Bag, Moccasins, Powder Horn, Camp Table and Chairs, just to name a few items. And there is more, lots more, tickets for these items will be $1.00.

We will have the membership packets as well as the May Rendezvous info on hand. 

Skagit Muzzle Loaders will again be putting together a float this year for the Sedro Woolley 4th of July parade.

photo above was taken in 1984, curtesy of Deacon

Every year the club has a great time putting together ideas on what our float theme will be. We all usually meet over at the Deacons; where he and Miss Sandi as usual have the best hospitality. This year, new member Shar Straub will be helping me organize all the fun. 


From our Booshway:

Bill Velacich

We are heading toward the best part of the year; Rendezvous time. We are ready for the Cascade Mountain Man show, assignments are made Plans are in, Raffle prizes are completed.  All that is left is to show up, support the club and the show.

Pick up some Rendezvous Flyers, (thank you Michele, another beautiful job) & get them out.  Any place with traffic is a good place to stick a poster in the window & leave some flyers. Let’s try to make our 2020 Rendezvous the size of some Skagit Muzzle Loaders had in the 80’s.

While our Rendezvous is still a couple of months away, I would like to get started on the clubhouse on Sunday May 1st Any who can come Please show up. We will work on building, Santi cans maybe start on new target design

Just a reminder…We’d like our members to use their cameras on their cell phones at all our events, to get more photos. You can send them to skagitmuzzleloaders@gmail.com. We’ll be using them on the website and its very possible one of your photos could be used by Michelle for a future event! 

Also, our last meeting we voted and accepted the following changes to our membership dues. Dues are as follows: 

Individual: $20.

Family: $30. Life Member: aged 65 + with at least 5 years current active membership $15.00

Life Member: One family member must be 65+$25.00.

Memberships are due in January. 


March Shoot

Uncle Bob will be hosting March Shoot. New Member Steve Sutton will be shadowing. Uncle Bob wants everyone to bring their Pistols, and Hawks & Knives to the March Shoot.


If you have an idea for the newsletter, Id love to hear from you. Hope to see ya all at the next meeting.

Debbie Velacich


PO Box 428

Sedro Wooley, WA


Club Site: 6806 F&S Grade Road

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