Club History

    Established in 1978, the Skagit Muzzle Loaders brought together a group of local people who all shared a similar love for this country's history as well as black powder firearms.  We are a family friendly club with members from all walks of life.   

    We are primarily focused on the time frame of America's history when the Mountain Man / Fur Trapper roamed the mountains of the West, circa 1800-1840. 

    We hold monthly meetings at our awesome club house/range, followed by a delicious pot luck.  Once we are well fed, we get out our black powder guns and make a lot of good smoke.  We have friendly competitions as well as help teach folks in the safe handling and shooting of firearms.


Current Officers

President:  Joe George

Vice President:  Andy Ward  

Secretary:  Debbie Velacich

Treasurer:  Crista Troydair

Booshway:  Bill Velacich



Membership Dues and Contributions: 

  1. The dues, or minimum contributions, of each member shall be fixed by the SML membership committee and voted on by the membership

  2. . Annual renewal of Membership Dues will be paid during the month of January prior to, but no later than, the January Club meeting. 

  3. New Members joining SML, after July 1st of a calendar year, will pay their corresponding dues at a 50% discount. 

  4. Minor children of Family Membership holders that turn 18 will not be subject to Individual Dues rates until the following January. 

  5. Dues structure shall be as follows: 


Life Member:    Aged 65+ with at least 5 years current active membership- $15.00 

Life Member Family - $25.00 (One Family member must be 65+) 

Individual - $20.00 


                                                                                                                        Click below for membership application

PO Box 428

Sedro Wooley, WA


Club Site: 6806 F&S Grade Road

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